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Rebranding a 100-year-old manufacturing powerhouse post a bold reverse acquisition

The Challenge

In a historic move, GMM Pfaudler, a venerable 50-year-old Indian company, embarked on a groundbreaking acquisition- acquiring a majority stake in the century-old US-based Parent Company, Pfaudler. This unprecedented development posed a distinctive branding challenge, as a publicly-listed Indian subsidiary company assumed control of the longstanding global parent company, ushering in a host of intricate obstacles and complexities.

The principal tasks included:

  • Conducting an in-depth assessment of the brand equity of both entities to enable the development of a cohesive group brand identity.
  • Crafting a distinct corporate identity during the organisational restructuring and implementing a unified nomenclature system.
  • Ensuring smooth integration and garnering widespread acceptance across diverse geographical regions, while preserving local sentiments and aligning with industry standards.
  • Devising a comprehensive long-term growth and acquisition strategy, with a specific focus on enhancing and fortifying the brand's strategic position.

These endeavours sought to navigate challenges and seize opportunities arising from the significant acquisition, cultivating a robust, and cohesive global presence for the conglomerate.

Our Approach

ABND pursued its rebranding mission with a global outlook, incorporating:

  • Brand Building Workshops
  • Conducting comprehensive interviews and targeted group discussions with leaders on a global scale
  • Analysis of all sub-brand equities
  • Site visits
  • A global employee engagement survey
  • Competitor analysis

The Solution

ABND's rigorous data collection and analysis were instrumental in revealing crucial insights, steering the path for the global amalgamation. In the manufacturing sector, attaining genuine market leadership necessitates qualities such as adaptability, agility, and inclusivity, among others. These attributes coalesce to cultivate a compelling and influential presence. Furthermore, the success of these strategic endeavours rested on the foundation of the correct internal mindset and meticulous planning – characteristics deeply embedded in the enduring reputation of both Pfaudler and GMM Pfaudler over the years.

In alignment with this vision, "BIG MOVES" emerged as a resonant rallying cry, deeply ingrained in both internal and external stakeholder sentiments, embodying the very essence of the brand. This articulated a transformative journey characterised by:

  • Elevating existing capabilities while aspiring to achieve the boldest objectives.
  • Guiding not solely through a commitment to quality but also placing a growing emphasis on the profound impact made by GMM Pfaudler.
  • Evolving from a diverse product range towards fostering synergies within a robust global team.
  • Recognising and reinforcing the legacy and credibility through advancements in technological innovation.
  • Transitioning beyond a mere industry provider role to assume the stature of a truly global organisation.

This strategic framework encapsulates the essence of GMM Pfaudler's progressive approach, delineating a trajectory of substantial growth, innovation, and global prominence.

Brand Architecture, Growth and Acquisition:

The journey toward a refined brand identity and architecture unfolded systematically:

  • Strategic Rebranding: Informed insights underscored the strong association of "Pfaudler" with glass-lined equipment. To harmonise the brand, GMM Pfaudler assumed the central stage as the primary group brand, with "Pfaudler" designated as an exclusive sub-brand for the glass-lined equipment vertical.
  • Corporate Brand Identity: The 'platform' in the Brand Identity was crafted to symbolise GMM Pfaudler's Global vision for unity and success.
  • Global Localisation: Recognising the expansive global reach of GMM Pfaudler, it became imperative to integrate a robust local identity into the corporate brand. A comprehensive analysis unveiled the widespread existence of GMM Pfaudler's subsidiaries across diverse business verticals- illuminating market dynamics, brand equity for each subsidiary, existing communication gaps and challenges within acquired company teams. To consolidate these entities, all subsidiary brands underwent a strategic rebranding, emerging as distinct lines under the GMM Pfaudler umbrella. Importantly, this restructuring retained their original names, strategically preserving equity and brand recognition. In tandem with the Corporate Identity, sub-brand identities were conceptualised to empower individual business verticals, ensuring their unique growth trajectories. Communication strategies were streamlined, employing regional dialects to foster a globally interconnected yet locally resonant presence.
  • Innovative Sub-brand: An additional branded line, "Equilloy," was introduced for the Alloy Equipment and Heavy Engineering business vertical. It integrated seamlessly into the brand architecture, acknowledging its potential for standalone diversification, distinct from the glass-lined equipment category.
  • Structured Implementation: An endorsed brand architecture system was implemented, coupled with precise delineation of transition phases for potential future acquisitions within a specific vertical. ABND formulated explicit criteria for the retention of sub-brand nomenclature and the introduction of new sub-brands, ensuring a fluid and adaptable approach to Brand Management.


GMM Pfaudler's global rebrand has garnered widespread acceptance on the global stage. This rebrand has catalysed a series of archival initiatives, aptly coined "BIG MOVES," charting their course towards excellence.

  • The introduction of an Employee Stock Ownership Program
  • Branding the GMM Pfaudler Foundation to underscore a commitment to social responsibility, weaving philanthropy into the corporate identity.
  • Contemporary, cutting-edge plants and factories to signify their dedication to innovation and quality.
  • Strategic acquisitions have broadened their business horizons, enhancing portfolio diversity.

The guiding principle of "BIG MOVES'' has seamlessly integrated into GMM Pfaudler's daily operations, serving as the pivotal force sustaining the momentum of their triumphant rebrand. Presently, ABND collaborates closely with GMM Pfaudler in the launch of a robust cultural framework, intricately aligned with the organisation's overarching strategy.

In their ongoing role as strategic advisors, ABND meticulously ensures the alignment of day-to-day activities and major milestones with the new brand strategy. This commitment fosters a transformative journey characterised by impactful initiatives and sustained growth.

GMM Pfaudler: Betting on 'Green' Glass

The 61-year-old anti-corrosion equipment manufacturer eyes global dominance through technology solutions and a multi-product approach.

“Working with ABND has been a pleasure, and the outcome speaks for itself.Our collaboration not only resulted in a well-received global brand, but it also allowed us to streamline our business structure and bring our vision to life.The rebranding of the now unified global entity GMM Pfaudler was a defining moment in our journey. Following the acquisition of the Pfaudler group, we needed to streamline the company and its operations, as well as establish our purpose for the future. ABND's knowledge, proactiveness and the ability to execute on time was impressive.The positive feedback we've received globally is a reflection of the hard work that went into laying the foundation of the brand by both the GMM Pfaudler and the ABND team.”

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