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Infusing a Human Touch into the Rebranding Strategy of a Leading Global ERP Solutions Provider

The Challenge

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Coserve is a distinguished provider of cloud ERP solutions tailored for discrete manufacturing. As a strategic channel partner, Coserve collaborates with industry pioneers such as Infor, Rootstock, and Compliance Quest.

Despite experiencing rapid growth and diversifying its product portfolio, the company encountered challenges- including limited market visibility, ambiguous brand positioning, and heightened competition. Recognising the necessity for a strategic overhaul, Coserve embarked on a mission to rectify these issues and redefine its positioning in the market landscape.


Coserve and ABND joined forces with the aim of positioning Coserve as an exemplary industry leader. The objective was to formulate an all-encompassing brand strategy that authentically reflects Coserve's journey while accentuating its technological expertise, diverse applications, and comprehensive service offerings.

To initiate this transformative process, ABND actively engaged with key stakeholders at Coserve, delving into the intricacies of their business functions, competitive landscape, and the broader industry category. An extensive exploration extended to comprehend customer challenges through:

  • Immersive sessions with stakeholders across the organisation
  • An internal brand audit
  • Thorough market and category analysis
  • A focused examination of customer challenges

The Solution

Through insights culled, Coserve emerged as an industry trailblazer, uniquely poised to not only lead the market but also cater to the distinct needs of its clientele. In a landscape dominated by technology, ABND unearthed a distinctive characteristic of Coserve – an unparalleled fusion of technological prowess and genuine empathy. Notably, the Coserve team is recognised for delving deeply into clients' challenges, addressing both the technical intricacies and the human dimension. Two fundamental pillars emerged:

Simplifying Transformation: Leveraging profound insights, comprehensive understanding, and seasoned expertise, Coserve demonstrates the capability to streamline intricacies and inspire confidence.

Humanising Experience: The Coserve team addresses challenges with a compassionate perspective, acknowledging the intricate interdependence between technology and human dependencies.

This revelation steered our brand positioning towards'Thoughtful Transformation'

Coserve stands as a catalyst for transformation, housing a cadre of seasoned ERP and CRM experts. Their distinctive advantage lies in orchestrating simplified transformations through a human-centred approach. Placing the customer at the forefront, Coserve not only makes digital transformations engaging but also seamlessly navigable, empowering organisations to confidently embrace the future.

The visual identity embodies simplicity and memorability, encapsulating 'Simplifying transformation with a humanising experience.' This is visually conveyed through an abstract fusion of two hands uniting to create the letter 'O,' symbolising symbiosis. The fluidity within the 'O' not only communicates the idea of transformation but also signifies the journey from the past to the future.

Carefully curated, the brand colours were chosen to evoke a sense of formality, while ensuring a cohesive representation of growth, trust, and transparency. The overall design embodies the essence of Coserve, depicting a brand that not only facilitates transformations but does so with a human touch, nurturing meaningful connections and trust along the way.

Coserve Logo
Coserve LogoCoserve Logo
Coserve Logo
Coserve Logo


I would like to express sincere gratitude on behalf of Coserve to ABND for their invaluable contribution to the rebranding efforts. The exceptional creativity, strategic insights, and unwavering dedication of the ABND team have played a pivotal role in successfully revitalising the essence of our brand. This transformation will undoubtedly strengthen our connection with the target audience and foster remarkable growth. ABND has proven to be an outstanding partner on this transformative journey.

We eagerly anticipate continued collaboration in the future and will enthusiastically recommend ABND for both our internal and network branding needs.

Arun Parija

President / Board Member

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