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Propelling Internal and External Growth for a US-based IT Services and Consulting firm

The Challenge

Headquartered in California, USA, with offices also located in India and Canada, ZEST epitomises true entrepreneurial ethos within the Technology Consulting domain. Their collaborative ethos extends across strategy, technology, and talent acquisition, offering next-generation solutions on a global scale. As a prominent contender in the global marketplace, Zest recognized the imperative of delineating its strategic advantage or "right to win," formulating a robust brand essence, and defining its unique positioning vis-à-vis competitors.

However, amidst the absence of clearly defined structures and frameworks, Zest sought the expertise of ABND. This collaboration aimed to strategically orchestrate Zest's diversified offerings, fostering internal organisational growth and bolstering its external market presence.

Our Approach

ABND embarked on an extensive engagement with Zest, dedicating weeks to deep-dive sessions aimed at grasping the intricacies of their operations and the broader industry landscape. Through immersive stakeholder interactions, including consultations with business owners, clients, and personnel, ABND gleaned invaluable insights to delineate Zest's unique identity. Subsequently, ABND strategically pivoted towards forecasting the brand's future trajectory and identifying potential roadblocks, complemented by a comprehensive analysis of industry challenges and benchmarking against leading competitors.

Our Solution

ABND team consolidated key insights into four distinct categories:

1. Perception both internally and externally
2. Unique differentiators defining our brand
3. Market demands and expectations
4. Strategic objectives and aspirations

Zest's strengths were identified and amplified to showcase their agile mindset in understanding, conceptualising, and implementing solutions effectively. The brand essence, "Adaptive + Accurate,” was articulated to encapsulate Zest's approach—adaptive precision from problem identification to results delivery.

ABND crafted Zest's positioning as "On Point. Always." This refreshed brand identity embodies a new outlook on business and talent development. For organisations requiring prompt IT services, Zest functions as their extended IT partner, providing seamless staffing and project solutions to streamline time, cost, and effort. By employing a meticulous approach from issue recognition to outcome delivery, Zest exemplifies optimal business methodologies.

The Brand Architecture was developed to follow a House of Brands structure including:

Zest Tech - Platform-based services
Zest Transformation - Managed services provider
Zest Thinks - Strategy and consulting services
Zest Talent - Staff augmentation

Visual Identity:

While retaining the original logo, a new and updated colour palette was introduced, along with the 'Super Z', developed as a unique graphic anchor for brand communication. This brand refresh garnered significant attention, strengthening Zest to the extent of securing its second acquisition in the past three months.

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