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Establishing a thriving brand amidst the competitive realm of Ethnic wear in India

The Challenge

Disha Enterprises, a distinguished player in textile manufacturing and distribution, sought collaboration with ABND to coalesce efforts in crafting a novel brand for their foray into the B2C market.

Upon conducting a preliminary analysis, ABND identified a multifaceted challenge:

  • Market Congestion: Introducing a novel apparel brand in the densely saturated Indian ethnic wear sector, marked by the coexistence of organised and unorganised players.
  • Segment Diversification: Products were positioned to cater across diverse market segments, ranging from affordable to premium. premium.
  • Wardrobe Complexity: Inherent complexity existed in the Indian women's wardrobe due to multiple occasions, resulting in a plethora of clothing options.
  • Demographic Variation: There was a wide age range among the target audience, spanning from 24 to 75 years.
  • Global Influence: Navigating the surge of global brands venturing into the Indo-Western realm, responding to the ever-changing aesthetic preferences of consumers.

The recognised challenges highlighted the need for a captivating storyline. Engaging a target audience already confronted with a plethora of choices in the market became imperative.


ABND conducted:

  • An in-depth immersion session with the entire client team to understand the business objective, vision, and path ahead
  • In-depth interviews and online surveys with the identified target audience
  • Competitor analysis with desk research and retail study to identify purchase behaviour

The research sought to explore the motivations shaping women's clothing choices, unveiling changes during the pandemic. The results indicated a shift from dressing exclusively for specific occasions to a more extensive spectrum. Women currently dress not only to commemorate special events but also for emotions of confidence, comfort, self-awareness, or the aspiration to make a distinctive impression.

The Solution

Informed by research highlighting women's inclination to use clothing as a means of expressing individuality and resisting rigid categorisation, ABND strategically laid the groundwork for the brand. Distinct from competitors fixated on specific women archetypes or product features, the new brand aimed to reshape narratives, adapting to each woman's unique story. Shifting from fleeting trends to enduring classics, mainstream to distinctive styles, and merely feeling good to embracing authentic 'realness,' the brand, christened 'KAMI KUBI,' encourages women to embrace their true selves—flaws and strengths alike. Rooted in the Hindi saying "khamiyan, khubiyan," signifying imperfections and virtues, KAMI KUBI offers timeless designs for the authentic woman, celebrating life in its genuine form.

Brand Identity

To fortify the core essence of 'Kami Kubi,' the brand encapsulates an eternal quality, accentuating the unwavering nature of authenticity. The brand identity, meticulously crafted for perpetual relevance, draws inspiration from the immaculate purity of the sky. The logotype, featuring a serif font, exudes an iconic presence, with strategically incorporated negative spaces within the letters enhancing a sense of transparency. In resonance with the ethos of Kami Kubi, the brand nurtures an optimistic worldview, fostering trust and forging a profound connection with its audience, embodying the guiding principles, "It's simple. It's real. It's unfiltered."

Brand Communication

The identified demographic was categorised into three distinct life phases: Exploration, Evolution, and Experience. Specialised and innovative communication approaches were crafted for each phase, aiming to cultivate a feeling of contentment in everyday moments for our target audience.

Additionally, ABND formulated a model highlighting women confidently embracing comfortable clothing during significant events and vice versa, disrupting the conventional belief that occasions should dictate our sartorial choices. This paradigm shift challenges preconceived notions, nurturing a progressive connection across generations.


Kami Kubi, a venture that commenced its journey in December 2021, has successfully established a noteworthy foothold in the market. The brand is available for purchase not only on its dedicated D2C platform, www.kamikubi.com, but also through prominent e-commerce and in-store channels such as Myntra, Ajio, Tata CLIQ, Shoppers Stop, Flipkart, Limeroad, Amazon India, and Mirraw.

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