Storia Foods

Strategic Research and Insights

Redesigning the packaging for the flagship product of India's top food and beverage company.

The Challange

Storia Juices, a prominent player in the juice market, faced significant challenges with their packaging. The black packaging, although distinct and sophisticated, deterred customers from picking up the bottle as it appeared unappetising.

Additionally, the cluttered retail shelves, filled with numerous juice brands, made it difficult for Storia Juices to stand out, leading to a blind spot where customers often overlooked their products in favour of competitors.

Our Approach

Upon commencing the project, ABND recognised that while the existing packaging design for Storia Juices was distinct, consumers preferred a consistency expected from a juice brand. To ensure consumer acceptance, the packaging needed to adhere to semiotic codes that signalled it as part of the juice category.

ABND initiated the project with the following tasks-

1. Retail Visits
Conducted visits to smaller departmental stores and larger retail chains, including Smart Bazaar, Big Basket, and Star Bazaar.

2. Competitor Analysis
Analysed competing brands such as Real, B-Natural, Tropicana, Swing, Raw, and Patanjali.

3. Consumer Perspective
Assessed Storia's position versus the competition from the consumer's viewpoint.

Our Solution

Research identified several key aspects that make a packaged juice bottle appealing on a shelf-

1. Bright and contrasting colours
2. Visibility of the juice
3. Bottle shape
4. Fruit images on the bottle
5. Fun and dynamic elements (e.g., splashes, floating fruit)
6. Health benefits or safety information on the packaging.

For Storia, the black packaging hindered visibility and lacked the drama and vibrancy consumers desired. The revamped designreplaced black with a vibrant colour palette, reflecting the natural hues of each fruit flavour. Additionally, Storia Green was incorporated into the cap and accents at the bottom,creating a cohesive and proprietary look.

The new packaging features captivating visuals of ripe, succulent fruits bursting with flavour, enhancing the visual appeal and creating a sensory experience for consumers. A crucial design element, the "Power of 3" unit, was prominently displayed to symbolise Storia's commitment to purity: 100% juice, no added preservatives, and no added sugar.

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